What is Jungle Terror?

by The Zeusian on July 29, 2014

Here is a genre that been recently hitting the soundbytes and earwaves. This genre is something that I like to sum up having Jason wielding his machete in a tropical jungle terrorizing cannibalistic tribesmen. The genre that I’m referring to is created by a Netherlands DJ and producer named Wiwek. His productions get played around […]

Original Moombahton Vol. 1 Promo Mix

by The Zeusian on June 3, 2014

Original Moombahton Vol. 1 Promo Mix Original Moombahton has been resuscitating the Moombahton scene by posting second drop Moombahton, highlighting smaller/lesser-known producers since when Moombahton.net labeled the beloved 108-112 bpm genre as “MID-TEMPO”.  The new collective of pushing Moombahton got people worldwide to fall back in love with the witches brew. It’s not living the […]

Artist Spotlight: Kid Chaos Interview

by The Zeusian on April 27, 2014

This week; in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, Moomba+ is bringing back Kid Chaos to Boomshakalaka weekly event on Mondays. What a better way to shine our artist spotlight onto Kid Chaos and we have follow up interview questions with him today hyping up tomorrow’s show. Along with each question, there are Kid Chaos’ most recent […]

Styles: Dope Quotes Inc.

by The Zeusian on April 3, 2014

Good afternoon folks. Today, we are continuing in our clothing line spotlight feature collectively known as ‘Styles’. Over the past few weeks, the other Styles theme posts were West Coast Pirates and Arntre LA. This week we hit more locally from where I’m from with a company called Dope Quotes Inc.. Founded back in 2006 […]

Road To WMC: Artist Spotlight: Vices

by The Zeusian on March 21, 2014

  Hello again! It has been awhile since an Artist Spotlight was shine on upcoming producers. We continuing on our Road To WMC series of posts. Look no further as today, we goes deep in the 90s R&B, House and modern Rap and R&B crates with this Jersey Club duo who is shining brighter than […]

WMC 2014 Announcement: El DJ Duro

by The Zeusian on March 11, 2014

Good afternoon everyone. In a few weeks from now, there is an week long conference that represents the electronica music industry in Miami, FL. This conference is better known as Winter Music Conference or relatively short WMC. This year, the first day of WMC is on March 21st and runs through March 30th. Every DJ […]

New ANAX!!!!!!!!!

by The Zeusian on March 6, 2014

A few days ago, an EP got released from my homie ANAX! called Street Justice. It is the first release from new record label of discoSWAG of Orlando. Containing four tracks ranging from Trapstyle and wild Festival Twerk House jams, Street Justice is about to serve them boppers on the block. The opening tune is […]

Gully – Vamos

by The Zeusian on February 22, 2014

What do you do when you’re in a rush? You go Vamos. That is what Moomba+ Records single release from UK producer Gully is about. The song “Vamos” is his first venture into Moombahton and without a doubt, its a smooth joint. There some gnarly dembow and Zouk Bass/Tropical drums that atmosphere the horizon. Right […]

ZKYANTAE Rosey Release

by The Zeusian on February 14, 2014

Today is Valentine’s Day. This is the day to treat your significant other or your love one with a bouquet of roses, candy hearts, box of chocolates and an free EP album from Moomba+ Records. That last one is true. Awhile ago, my fellow label artists ZKYA (formerly ZK YA) and antae both came up […]

Bushfire Rage!

by The Zeusian on January 30, 2014

Good afternoon rageheads and stoner mamacitas! Another day filled with music and vibrant sounds all around the world. We got a couple of genres getting coverage from Moombahton, Trap, Borneo Bass, Zouk Bass, Borneo Bounce, Jersey Club, Twerk and Tech House! Diverse bangers for all fans and music lovers. Put them speakers on blast and […]