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ANAX! Throws Down with 2 New Releases

by Matt Oney on April 1, 2015

ANAX! – “A-N-A-X” It’s the end of the month, and with that comes one of the newest releases on the Animal Pack Collective, this time by the incredibly talented ANAX!, one half of the Trap lords uAnimals, who’s no stranger to Moomba+. Out of Tampa, FL, he delivers one of the heaviest, filthiest tracks I’ve […]

9 Questions with DJ Sabo

by Juan Leon on March 17, 2015

Note: Part of this interview was originally published at Kesta Happening DC DJ Sabo is — for my money — one of the most essential DJs and producers currently working in the States.  His impeccable production work and track selection are always anchored by a thrilling balance of profoundly soulful vibes with an eye towards […]

Gully – Cariso

by Mr. E on February 20, 2015

What up Moomba+Fam? I hope you all have been spinning and enjoying all the wonderful music that has been flooding the scene recently. There have been so many great producers out there churning out banger after banger! Our good friend and producer Gully, decided to throw us all another one of his dope productions. This […]

Chuck Upbeat – Jungles Alive [Enchufada]

by Danny Ewing on February 20, 2015

The latest track from Enchufada’s Upper Cuts series comes direct from the deep, luscious jungles of Moscow. Granted, Moscow and jungles aren’t often thought of in the same sentence, but once you hear Chuck’s Moombahton-esque release you will think Moscow is directly on the Equator. “Jungles Alive” has a slow, driving, 110 beat with sounds from […]

Moombahton is Moombahton, so here, have some Moombahton!

by Mr. E on February 17, 2015

Hello my fellow Moombahton heads! Take a listen and download all these great new tunes from some of your favorite Moombahton producers in the Moombahton scene!   The Mighty  KAPO DOES IT AGAIN! He just smacked us up with this original track and a nice bootleg that actually does that new KSHMR & DIllon Francis Feat. […]

Latino Army Records presents: LATINO Round Up

by Camilo Fernando on February 9, 2015

Hey Fam! We are Latino Army Records, and in this time we are so proud to get this support from Moomba+. As LAR, we are going to do a round up to show you all the amazing producers from Latin America. We are going to start with this   DI – HELL! – Del Suelo […]

Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia”

by Juan Leon on January 28, 2015

Bumb.Ay (formerly Dire Disorder) is a moombahton/bass producer from Mexico. He’s been quietly turning out bangers for a while now.One of his latest tracks Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia” is a good example of Bumb.Ay’s simple but effective approach to production. Countless producers have shown us how cumbia plus moombahton is a natural fit. “Moombah La […]

Poté – Voyeurism EP [Enchufada]

by Danny Ewing on January 21, 2015

Poté is an artist that has been pushing his unique sound in Europe for a while now. He has gained acclaim from such influential figures as Branko, Toddla T, Plastician, and B-Traits. Couple that with regular plays on BBC Radio One and Rinse FM as well as a releases on Global Club Music juggernaut Enchufada, this year […]

Artist Spotlight: Edmel Diaz

by Matthew Rodriguez on September 3, 2014

  Flute Mania EP: Edmel’s Moombah Mix Edmel’s Moombah Mix:  Maybe I’ve been playing too much Fallout lately, but this track conjures up apocalyptic landscapes in a world where Latin culture has taken over and where tribal music is literally the music of tribes.  Deep and brooding, this track is not for the PLUR kids. […]