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Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia”

by Juan Leon on January 28, 2015

Bumb.Ay (formerly Dire Disorder) is a moombahton/bass producer from Mexico. He’s been quietly turning out bangers for a while now.One of his latest tracks Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia” is a good example of Bumb.Ay’s simple but effective approach to production. Countless producers have shown us how cumbia plus moombahton is a natural fit. “Moombah La […]

Poté – Voyeurism EP [Enchufada]

by Danny Ewing on January 21, 2015

Poté is an artist that has been pushing his unique sound in Europe for a while now. He has gained acclaim from such influential figures as Branko, Toddla T, Plastician, and B-Traits. Couple that with regular plays on BBC Radio One and Rinse FM as well as a releases on Global Club Music juggernaut Enchufada, this year […]

Artist Spotlight: Edmel Diaz

by Matthew Rodriguez on September 3, 2014

  Flute Mania EP: Edmel’s Moombah Mix Edmel’s Moombah Mix:  Maybe I’ve been playing too much Fallout lately, but this track conjures up apocalyptic landscapes in a world where Latin culture has taken over and where tribal music is literally the music of tribes.  Deep and brooding, this track is not for the PLUR kids. […]

D-V3KZ – Gotta Let Her Go : out now on AFTER MESS RECS

by Mr. E on August 21, 2014

Oh yes sir! The almighty D-V3KZ produces another solid Moombahton track. This gritty, fidgity sounding, bass line driven tune is just what this genre needs to set a new style on course. The strong percussion and drums along with the melodic strings also give the proper contrast to send you floating along the Moomba-river of […]

Hugo Haze x Masta – Fea

by Mr. E on August 16, 2014

Hugo Haze and Masta decided to release their newest tune “Fea”. They give you that dembow sexiness, a synth that keeps your ass moving, and they top it off with a twerk feel towards the end of the track, only to bring you back into the dembow goodness.  This is an overall bangin tune that […]

Step One – Turn up the Bassline

by Matthew Rodriguez on August 15, 2014

Step One will fill the dance floors with this pumped up and very energy filled tune…This track reminds me of all the lo-fi music that was suddenly cool once Diplo discovered the wilderness of Brazilian barrios.  It’s simple really – background bass that doesn’t dominate the track, 4×4 kicks and scattered, repetitive vocals.  The description […]

Billion Dollars : Brand new sh**!!!

by Mr. E on August 13, 2014

Yeah buddy!! Billion Dollars hands us all a great new FREE tune! This dope tune called “Latino” has musical flavors of all kinds. I don’t wanna begin trying to put this in a labeled box, so i will refer to it the same way Billion Dollars has, as being “Satan Bass’. Now, don’t think its […]

After Mess Recs : Dropping bombs of fresh new tunage!

by Mr. E on August 12, 2014

After Mess Recs just released a very big…no huge…NO, MONSTROUS compilation called “After Mess & Friends”, with 35 amazing tracks of great artist worldwide, Electro, Electro Trash, Moombahton and a whole lot of other genres. Do not pass this massive collection of bangers! The whole thing is available as one massive file to be downloaded […]

Happy Colors & DJ C – Hay Mi Madre (official music video)

by Mr. E on August 11, 2014

So Happy colors and Dj C released this tune about 6 months or so ago and they just released the official video for it… oh my goodness is the video just as good as the tune! so much sauce here! check it out and enjoy the visuals!  

Banginclude – Barulho EP

by Mr. E on August 11, 2014

Yes indeed, Banginclude has once again given us some more saucy feels to get your rocks off to with his Barulho EP that was released on Enchufada records. “Fradonia” and “Pablo & Andrea” are the names of the two tracks on this EP. The two dancefloor-ready tropical bangers are Zouk, rasteirinha and trap, influenced, giving […]